Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Luck Soul's 'White Russian Doll' - Unfortunately, somebody seems to have spilled some white paint on the artwork

Things to Note:

1) LogoWatch: this is certainly good, particularly as the K and the Y of the band's name have been joined to create something of a Diamond Effect. In doing so, Lucky Soul have seemingly changed the Y to resemble a somewhat dyslexic X. THEY'RE LITERALLY REWRITING THE ALPHABET AND THE RULES OF POP AS THEY GO (insert PR spiel here).
2) The cover art is a nice leap forward in terms of aesthetics. The lines are all pointing towards some mysterious, unknown End Point. Which is probably some sort of metaphor for the fate of the music industry, but looks nice all the same.

Anyhow, you can hear the quite stomping new single from the why-on-earth-aren't-they-huge Lucky Soul over on their Myspace (www.myspace.com/luckysoulluckysoul). A side-step from the 60s swing of their debut album, 'The Great Unwanted,' this is an instant and surprisingly muscular piece of Power-Pop: landing, as it does, somewhere between Johnny Marr gone Motown and Scott Walker set to 'DANCE.' Like the Russian Doll itself, 'WRD' - oh yes, it abreviates nicely - is deceptively layered love song. Just listen to Ali Howard's aching declaration that 'Love is an Open Door / Inside is Another Room / Love is A Russian Doll / Inside is Another You.'

If you thought about it too much you'd probably stop dancing, so the best advice, in this instance, is probably not to think.

The band will play Camden's Monarch in December (see WeGotTickets for all the deets), where they will preview material from their now-finished second album (out March, with 'White Russian Doll' hitting Itunes on January 11th). We've heard a few sneak peeks from the record, and can firmly say that if 'Up In Flames' isn't the second single (youtube it) then we will film ourselves, on fire, by way of protest. It's THAT good.

As are Lucky Soul in general, really. Tell your mates.

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